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At Ardagh Financial, we believe transparency is everything. As a client, you deserve a clear explanation of the services you paid for, a detailed description of the products you purchased, and proactive communication from your advisor.

These are the meters we set for ourselves, and we have established a new industry standard upon them.

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Mar, 08, 2021
As an investment strategy, "Buy and Hold" is just what it sounds like: you buy an investment and hold it for an extended period, riding out market fluctuations and selling when the price reaches your target. The underlying logic of this strategy is that investments tend to gain value over time.... Read more
Mar, 08, 2021
When Sarah graduated from university and got her first job as a regional sales rep, her parents bought her a car to ensure she'd have a reliable vehicle for the travelling her new position would require. Sadly, only weeks after receiving this generous gift, Sarah hit black ice while driving and... Read more
Mar, 08, 2021
Today, 28% of Canadians provide some form of unpaid caregiving to relatives or family friends. Seniors make up the largest group of those requiring this type of care. The evolving concern is that 65+ is one of Canada’s fastest-growing segments and is expected to double over the next 20 years.1... Read more

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